Inclusion and Diversity Policy

1. Purpose
Inclusion and Diversity are an integral part of thinkCOMPASS’ culture. We believe that having a team of individuals with different backgrounds, views, experience and capability working together makes us stronger and better as an organization. We are committed to retaining and recruiting people who are passionate about our customers and have a broad range of skills, experiences and frames of reference to drive innovation, deliver improved financial performance and to help us to achieve our ambition.

When we talk about inclusion at thinkCOMPASS we are referring to our focus on removing any perceived or tangible barriers to becoming a part of our business, being treated fairly and respectfully and having equal access. We seek to make it easier for our people to have a voice and use the variety of thinking styles, backgrounds and capabilities that they have.

When we talk about diversity at thinkCOMPASS we are referring to being composed of the elements that make people similar or different from one another, including background, views, experiences, capabilities, values, beliefs, physical differences, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, thinking styles, preferences and behaviours.

2. Our Principles

Our progressive approach to inclusion and diversity focuses on gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, inclusion and flexibility. The activity we undertake across these areas of focus is aligned to the following principles:

Increasing the diversity of our workforce at senior levels

Creating a flexible and inclusive work environment that values difference and enhances business outcomes.

Harnessing diversity of thought and capitalizing on individual differences

Leadership behaviours that reflect our belief in the value of inclusion and diversity.

Retaining and attracting a talented workforce through increasing the diversity of the candidate pool and maintaining a recruitment strategy that is attractive to all candidates.

3. Practical Application
This approach will be practically achieved across our business by:

Providing training and education that raises employee awareness of inclusion and diversity and associated benefits

Ensuring our recruitment and selection, development and talent management approaches enable inclusion and diversity at all levels

Enhancing processes and policies to encourage greater flexibility and diversity

Embedding inclusion and diversity in our culture through engaging internal communications and events

Regularly tracking progress against targets

Engaging with educational institutions to promote and encourage wide talent pools for the industry

In addition to the proactive actions, we undertake we also support an inclusive and diverse workplace through not permitting or condoning any harassment, discrimination or victimization.

Review and Measurement:

Under the Board Charter the Board is responsible for:

Ensuring that, as a collective group, it has the skills, experience, knowledge, diversity and perspective to fulfil its purpose and responsibilities

Ensuring that succession and development plans are in place for the Chief Executive and Executive Management Team to ensure the right mix of skills, experience, knowledge, diversity and perspective for the future

Promoting a corporate culture which embraces inclusion and diversity

Under this policy the Board is also responsible for establishing measurable objectives for assessing our performance against this policy. Alongside this policy, these measurable objectives are contained in a document that is available on our website.

Each Year the thinkCOMPASS Will:

Review the effectiveness and relevance of this policy

Look at inclusion and diversity metrics across all levels of the organization to identify areas for improvement

Provide a summary of inclusion and diversity related programs undertaken and planned

Provide an evaluation of the thinkCOMPASS’ performance with respect to this policy, including the progress towards achieving the measurable objectives

thinkCOMPASS will review this policy as required but at least every two years.