thinkCOMPASS is proudly recognized as an official Quality Service Provider for the CME Technology Assessment Program funded by FedDev Ontario! With $25,000 in eligible funding, the program provides direct financial support to individual employers who wish to assess the use and implementation of technology in their current business process.


The true value in sales enablement training is the achievement in alignment of information, tools, and collateral that progress operational efficiencies.  With the right set of tools, your team will never have to struggle. Generate price quotes, and access sales scripts. Permit your customers, vendors, and partners to view, add, or edit information through portals from within your CRM saving your team time and effort.


Your sales team will learn and develop the following skills:

  1. Tactics to lead with purpose and inspire team members in an impactful manner
  2. Techniques for building strong, long-term relationships
  3. How to leverage relevant stories to close more sales
    1. Specific communication skills for large, small, virtual, and in-person audiences
  4. Strategies for grabbing and maintaining attention using behavioural-psychology
  5. How to maintain and manage customer relations by building trust
  6. Creative and efficient thinking processes to develop effective pitches and ideas
  7. How to influence and motivate prospects to take the desired action
  8. A clear understanding of the Unique Buying Proposition (UBP) and how to effectively communicate it


Developing an Effective Sales Presentation
CRM Training: Engagement & Monitoring
Team Sales Building for Collaborative Growth



Our leadership training focuses on the actions that advance the skillset, capabilities, and confidence of leaders. At thinkCOMPASS, we understand that the development of your leadership team is a critical investment in the continued growth and stability of your organization. We have the experience, expertise, and passion to help you develop and deliver high-performance leadership skills training across all levels of management including front-line managers, matrix leaders, senior leaders, and executives as well as future leaders.


  1. Tactics to lead with purpose and inspire team members in an impactful manner
  2. Efficient processes for identifying and effectively communicating team goals
  3. Non-verbal leadership ques like body language and confidence to establish respect and integrity
    1. How to identify and leverage networking opportunities
  4. Effective navigation of office politics
  5. Strategies to establish psychological safety with team members
  6. Increasing emotional awareness and identification of triggers for better self-expression


Individual Leadership Training
Collaborative (Group) Leadership Training
Organizational Development Training



Behind the success and failure of teams, lies team culture. But, what exactly is culture? How and why does it contribute to success and failure? Often these seemingly unimportant aspects have the greatest effect on the outcomes of group tasks. Your recognition of them enables you to form, join, and lead teams more effectively. You also come to appreciate the role of ritual and symbols in the daily operation of teams, as well as in situations of change and crisis. Knowledge of the ideas and information in this class enables you to be a better team player and a more effective team leader. Teams are essential to the modern organization, but most never reach their potential. Co-workers miscommunicate, and groups struggle to adapt to changes in the market or their organizations. When teams lack self-awareness about these challenges, performance suffers. Based on years of team culture research and consulting experience, we will help you understand the problems that hurt productivity, and gives you tools for creating positive change. We will guide you through creating the ground rules and structure needed to set your team up for success.


Leaders will learn:

  1. Emotional intelligence to effectively manage teams and problems
  2. Ways to limit employee turnover through effective mediation techniques
    1. How to diagnose performance problems and identify the correct solutions
  3. Effective delegation and motivation skills
  4. Techniques to inspire others towards their best performance
  5. How to foster a comfortable work environment that deals with conflict and overcomes problems
  6. Appropriate communication of difficult conversations
  7. Strategies for changing thinking patterns towards more creative and inclusive solutions

Team members and employees will learn:

  1. Cooperative thinking
  2. How to build trust through coaching and counselling skills
  3. Where their talents fit within the organizational culture desired
  4. Ways to limit conflict between their coworkers
  5. Techniques for managing priorities to create a steady flow of work between team members
  6. Team communication skills to ensure efficient collaboration
  7. A clear understanding of expectations
  8. The importance and proper communication of constructive criticism


Teambuilding and Collaboration Facilitation

Conflict Resolution, Overcoming Resistance to Change, and How to Have Difficult Conversations
Effective Methodologies for Analytical Thinking, Leadership, and Responsibility



Through our guidance, your organization will gain the skills to diagnose issues such as conflicts, groupthink and lack of commitment in your team before they get out of control. This offers frameworks to adjust team behaviors and get the best performance out of your people. You will also understand frequent obstacles for common team types, such as start-ups and virtual teams, and learn solutions tailored to each one.


Your organization will learn and develop the following skills:

  1. Identification of conflict, groupthink, and commitment issues and the correct path towards resolution
  2. Techniques for inspiring and motivating team members
  3. How to build trust within the organization or team
  4. Effective communication skills and workflows to arrive at solutions
  5. Delegation and inter-team management skills
  6. How to efficiently manage virtual teams and meetings
  7. Opportunities for employees to utilize the full breadth of their unique skillset
  8. How to build effective teams and identify the most effective members
  9. Frameworks and relevant KPI’s for measuring team performance


Organizational Development Training Program
Professional Leadership Development


Economic Development Training

As a management consulting firm thinkCOMPASS specializes in advising communities on how best to adopt a more proactive approach towards economic development and investment attraction. Through research and analyses we provide market and sector intelligence and discuss development trends that communities can leverage to attract their fair share of new investment while helping to retain and expand those businesses that they already have. thinkCOMPASS approaches economic development training with the objective of educating participants on the importance of activity in municipalities, constituencies, and regions rather than awaiting aids and funding to propel development.

This encompasses added micro-economic actions at the local level to complement macro-economic measures at the national level. Drawing from our years of experience in the international markets, and managing foreign investors, our approach is to closely examine communities to identify their strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats (SWOT) from the perspective of the potential investor. Using this information, we develop the community’s unique value proposition (UVP). We then advise communities on how they can best leverage their UVP to strategically position themselves to successfully compete for investment and gain footholds in new sectors and markets.


The following principles and learning points outline the content focused on in the training program:

  1. Support business attraction, retention and expansion
  2. Promote the growth of the year-round local economy
    1. Support sustainable economic diversification with minimal environmental impact
  3. Create employment opportunities for residents
  4. Attract or increase investment into the community
  5. Increase the municipality’s tax base to support public infrastructure and services
  6. Improve the quality of life for permanent and seasonal residents
  7. Expand visitor and tourism activity
  8. Build and sustain collaborative partnerships at the community level and with the public and private sector
  9. Position the municipality to anticipate future development needs and opportunities
  10. Ensure recommendations are financially sustainable for stakeholders, including taxpayers


Investors 101: Attracting National &
International Investors
International Companies Marketing
in Canada Foundations
Unique Value Proposition (UVP): Design & Development
Designing Investment Business Cases for International Markets
Entering the Canadian Market:
Lead Generation and Sales



The advent of social media and the breakneck speed at which it has gained its popularity has left many businesses unsure of where to start, others jumping in blindfolded and a few stragglers yet who hope that the social media trend will blow over (It’s not).
These programs offer specific training in the various areas of social media so that your business can stay up to date on trends, make genuine impressions, and interact meaningfully with your customers with engaging content.


  1. Development of strategies for genuine user interaction
  2. How to create engaging content catered to user audience
  3. The unique benefits of different social media platforms
  4. Formulation of effective posting schedules
  5. How to organize content in a visually appealing manner
  6. Developing and communicating brand identity through consistent content
  7. Methods of analyzing campaign and overall performance
  8. How to use data to understand your key audience
  9. Strategies for growing user audience


Foundations of Social Media Marketing

Training Google Analytics for Beginners

Blogging and Content Development for Beginners


thinkCOMPASS has over 20 years of demonstrating a complete understanding of the training requirements and implementation processes needed to address the trainees skills gap through skills assessment and evaluation.
Our team
has trained thousands of professionals across the globe on how to create more success in their organizations and encourage building leaders within their organizations.
Our clients range from individual executives, small businesses, government, and non-profit organizations.


Training Is Not An Event, It Is A Process

thinkCOMPASS works with individuals and groups to identify the most appropriate training program that will drive professional development and success. thinkCOMPASS achieves this through the following process:


Prior to beginning any training program, thinkCOMPASS utilizes a systematic process to effectively assess the skills and expertise of the trainee(s). The assessment provides a comprehensive understanding of gaps in skill sets, level of understanding of the subject matter, and preference of learning format on the subject matter.


Once thinkCOMPASS has identified the skill sets required and delivery format, we provide consultation on program selection from our subject matter listing. If a custom program is required, we work with you and your team to strategically design a training program that meets your organization’s needs and requirements. thinkCOMPASS has a credible and excellent selection of subject matter experts. Based on the assessment and delivery format, we select the strongest expert to engage in your training program.


At thinkCOMPASS, simply delivering a training program is not where our work ends. We support our clientele in aftercare evaluation to ensure that the skillsets gained are being applied correctly and to be a ‘helping hand’ if challenges are being faced when concepts are being implemented. We provide organizations with thorough evaluation methods to help them track progress and impacts of skillsets acquired.


thinkCOMPASS with its strength in digital transformation and delivery, we greatly endorse the automation of processes to drive efficiency, monitoring automation, and innovation. We design and develop advanced digital training platforms for organizations to allow easy access to employee assessments, training materials according to a uniquely designed curriculum for your organization, and tracking of professional development/needs. Your Digital Training Platform is custom to your organization and is aligned with academic institutions and associations to provide your team with the most relevant training programs for success.

We look forward to working together with our clients for more WINS, knowing that we have been recognized in the industry as being able to  successfully provide our clients effective  customized solutions and award winning designs that satisfy all types of business needs.


Award-winning work built on Leadership, Innovation, and Creativity.
Over 21 years and millions of dollars in insights, capital, and resources. We have worked across 20 industries, helping businesses expand abroad and into Canada. We are passionate about solving challenging problems for our clients, international business development, and helping clients achieve sustainable performance.


The unique quality thinkCOMPASS has is our global network of partners consisting of over 160 partnerships in over 35 countries, which include government organizations, associations and chambers, educational institutions and in-market consultants.We have worked hard to manage, nurture and expand our network to help our clients become connected with global opportunities. Through our network we are able to present innovative technologies into the Canadian market, introduce businesses to support economic growth and build partnerships to help clients find new channels for business development. thinkCOMPASS not only helps our local community, but makes the world smaller by helping connect global companies with the Canadian market.




Providing growth opportunities through our service verticals: Strategic Consulting, Digital Marketing, and Globalization.



Helping businesses reach
larger audiences and develop tactics to improve business efficiencies.



Managing, nurturing, and expanding our network to help our clients become connected with global opportunities.

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“thinkCOMPASS has been our dedicated service firm for over 20 years. thinkCOMPASS’ strong consulting and marketing expertise, ability to adapt to changing industry trends, and their genuine dedication to supporting our cause have driven our long-term relationship.”
“thinkCOMPASS helped our brand market to a bigger and better audience by re-conceptualizing our logo and building an online presence. We proudly showcase our brand and thank thinkCOMPASS for guiding our journey!”
“It was a pleasure working with the team. Their incredible team helped me build and develop the business' social media strategy and execution. In
addition, they helped me in the development of a new website. ”